Px Passionistas Q&A

How can I be a Passionista?

We're always on the lookout for new Passionistas. We recruit for Px Passionistas on an ongoing basis. If you missed our last recruitment drive, SIGN UP to receive our newsletter and you will be alerted when our new drive is underway.

Who are the current Prescriptives Passionistas?

Prescriptives Passionistas are women who are loyal fans and dedicated users of Prescriptives products. Passionistas have the opportunity to be featured on the Prescriptives Website and share their love for the products as well as share their beauty tips.

Were these women paid for their participation?

Yes. The Original Passionistas from 2012 were compensated for participating in the shoot with the exception of Larisa and Doreen who, as employees of the brand, were not paid. All Passionistas chosen to be featured after 2012 are not compensated.

How did we find these Passionistas?

We email Prescriptives customers throughout the United States who had opted in to receive the Prescriptives Newsletter. We asked them to send us a photo or link to a video and write an essay for us about their favorite products, and why they are devoted to them. We review all entries and decide amongst all the amazing entries we receive.

When will you do another Passionista photo shoot?

All details for future Passionista Drives will be announced via email and posted on our website. Sign up for Prescriptives newsletter to learn more.

Where did you get the name "Passionista"?

We like how the expression communicates the passion our loyal customers feel about their favorite Prescriptives products. After all, it is thanks to our loyal fans that their products continue to be available. (Plus, we love how it sounds with Prescriptives.) We even trademarked the name, Prescriptives Passionistas!