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Meet monica
Custom Blend Specialist
Meet monica

Years working with Prescriptives: 13

Years using Prescriptives: 20

From: “Suburb of Chicago and still there.”

Dream place to live: “I am living out my dream: I love my house and I love my city.”

Favorite part of job: “Allows me to work in a business I love while at home with people I love!”

First encounter with Prescriptives: “In the early 90's, I was at the mall looking for the perfect silvery-brown-purple. I found it at Prescriptives.”

Your Px foundation: Flawless Skin in Gold. “It is the perfect color for me. This formula provides a lot of coverage while still looking natural.”

Beauty pet peeves: “When women have a makeup 'line' from wearing the wrong color foundation.”

Favorite color: “Dark, sky blue. I love it and think it looks good on my warm coloring.”

Collects: “70s dolls, Russian nesting dolls, perfume.”

Favorite song: 'I Can See Clearly Now' by Johnny Nash. “It came out the year I was born!”

Happiness: “When all three of my kids are home with me and my husband, and we have a huge dinner, nice conversation and good music.”

monica can't live without: I have been using Super Line Preventor for 13 years. It improves the texture of my skin and my makeup lasts all day.
Morning Makeup Routine: 5 minutes to do concealer, powder, bronzer, lip gloss and mascara.