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Meet kristina
Meet kristina

Years working with Prescriptives: 8

Years using Prescriptives: 8
“I'd go without dinner to afford my Prescriptives!”

From: Raised in Germany, now lives in Florida

Describe your job: “I get to talk about skincare and makeup all day - a girly-girl's dream.”

Favorite part of job: “The philosophy of finding the true undertone of your skin and matching it.”

First encounter with Prescriptives: “I was confused why a Prescription counter was at a Department store, but once I explored what Prescriptives has to offer, I fell in love with the brand.”

Favorite Px catchphrase:Passionista! I love that it's so fashion/makeup forward and yet, so Prescriptives!”

Your Px foundation: Either All Skins Mineral Makeup Level 2 Warm Medium/Light or Virtual Skin in Vellum.

Beauty pet peeves: “Black liner on the lips! Whoever thought of that look needs to be in timeout.”

Favorite color: “Any shade of blue. Originally because my eyes are blue, but also because find blue to be soothing. Itís the color of the sky and ocean.”

Collects: “Photography. It can be so expressive, timeless, and historical.”

Something surprising about you: “I practiced repelling with the Hungarian SWAT team when I was a teenager. At first it was scary and intimidating, but after doing it a couple of times I was hooked.”

Happiness: “Doing a fun activity (hiking, swimming, exploring) with my husband and family while seeing the world and experiencing other cultures, all while taking pictures!”

kristina can't live without: Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer covers everything from under eye circles to a pesky pimple.
Morning Makeup Routine: 30 minutes, 7 products.  Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Eye Cream, Moisturizer and SPF.