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Meet jules
Meet jules

Years working with Prescriptives: 17

Years using Prescriptives: 20

From: “I was born and raised mainly in Southern California but I've also lived in Northern California, Dallas, Denver, Washington DC area and Alpharetta, Georgia near Atlanta. Currently, I live in Phoenix.”

Dream place to live: Paris “Itís a beautiful city and would love to speak French fluently.”

Describe your job: “I virtually make people beautiful. I ask people questions so I can find out their needs and recommend the best products for them at Prescriptives' virtual online counter.”

Favorite part of job: “Chatting with people from all around the country, it's amazing when you think about the technology. Also being able to do this job from any location.”

Loves Px for: “We have foundations for all skin tones. There are no limits. Prescriptives makes the skin look better and natural so womenís beauty shines through and is not being covered with a heavy makeup look.

Favorite Px catchphrase:Px Passionista defines our customers who are so passionate and loyal.”

Your Px foundation: “Foundation is like shoes for me. I choose different ones depending on the occasion: For casual weekends Traceless Tints level 2; For the work day, All Skins Liquid Mineral Makeup Level 2 warm light; For going out Flawless Foundation in Cream or Vellum depending on the time of year. A girl could never just have one pair of shoes.”

Beauty pet peeves: “Foundation that doesn't match the skin.”

Favorite color: “Blue because it is peaceful. Makes me think of the ocean.”

Collects: “Miniature perfume bottles and Eiffel Towers.”

Something surprising about you: “When I was young I was in the Miss Hollywood and Miss Los Angeles pageants.”

Favorite song at the moment: “Stronger by Kelly Clarkson”

Real life heroes/heroines: “Our Service Men and Women. Because of the sacrifices they make all the time so that we can have freedom.”

Happiness: “Peace, Love Health and being with family. Feeling good about how I look and feel.”

jules can't live without: Super Line Preventor. My secret weapon for younger looking skin.
Morning Makeup Routine: 15-30 minutes, 18 products