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Meet erica
Custom Blend Specialist
Meet erica

Years working with Prescriptives: 10

Years using Prescriptives: 15

From: Born, raised and still live in the “Show Me State” (Missouri).

Dream place to live: “Anywhere on a beach, I hate cold weather.”

Describe your job: “With Live Chat, I do everything I used to do at counter.”

Favorite part of job: “Helping a customer change from feeling desperate and frustrated to thankful and happy.”

Favorite Px catchphrase: “All Skins: We truly can match foundation for Every Woman.”

Your Px foundation: “Custom Blend.”

Beauty pet peeves: “A foundation line: There is no excuse for foundation to not match your skin.”

Favorite color: “Orange. Bright and warm at the same time.”

Collects: “My husband and I started collecting turtles on our trips to Mexico. Now we try to buy one on every trip we take as a souvenir.”

Something surprising about you: “I'm a pool shark.”

Real life hero: “My parents. They have showed me what love truly is through sickness and in health. I just hope one day I will have the privilege of showing my kid the same love.”

Happiness: “Travelling the world with my husband”

erica can't live without: Super Line Preventor. "I have been using it for 11 years."
Morning Makeup Routine: 20 minutes, 17 products