Hi, we're Prescriptives
Healthy skin is our thing.

Px is a beauty movement that's based on one simple idea: YOU are the most important ingredient in your skincare and makeup routine. We think that beauty should reflect your reality and unique needs. It should be uncomplicated, adaptable, perfect when you want it to be, and not so much when you don't. Above all, it should be good for you—because what you put on is as important as what you put in.

We select only potent, good-for-skin ingredients and concentrate them into our range of thoughtfully curated, highly effective beauty essentials that yield real, noticeable results. The result is consistently fresh, glowing skin. Makeup optional.

All of our products go great with 14-hour work days, weekends, boardrooms, late nights, first dates, last dates, morning coffee, and that glass of wine that you maybe didn't need. Our products adapt to you.